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There are pros and cons of having a worldly upbringing. Whilst in an ethnic majority situation, you are in the wide nurturing embrace of your culture and heritage. Switching to an ethnic minority situation, you have the unique and exciting introduction of other community groups from a young age. But there can also be some disconnect to stabilising roots of identity and social dynamics ranging from music to politics, arts and science, storytelling and hair braiding. Time to bridge the gap of knowledge and understanding with the upcoming informative & enlightening Yorùbá /Nigeria/ Africa/ Diaspora a.k.a. YNAD talks (à la TED talks!)

**YNAD talks**

Here’s the planned line up of Yorùbá Yonder lecture series / YNAD talks throughout 2023:




Coinciding Event(s)


Jan 2023

African Heritages - Director's Cut 1, Art & Stories

International Day of Education


Feb 2023

Cultural Legacy 1 - Yorùbá Benin City, Benin Bronzes

World Day of Social Justice


Mar 2023

Ìyá Naija - Transformative Women of Nigeria

International Women's Day


Apr 2023

West meets East - Yorùbá-Japan overlaps 1,

Climate-Based & Culture & Spirituality

International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace


May 2023

*African Heritages - Director's Cut 2, Travel & Languages

*Decolonising Instructional Language on the continent

African Languages Day /

World Day for Cultural Diversity

for Dialogue and Development


Jun 2023

Cultural Legacy 2 - Yorùbá Time Concepts

Yorùbá New Year


Jul 2023

*Nigeria & South Africa Solidarity Against Apartheid

*Yorùbá sense of Justice

Nelson Mandela Day


Aug 2023

Cultural Legacy 3 - Yorùbá History, Nok Empire to present

International Day for People

of African Descent


Sep 2023

Cultural Legacy 4 - Afro Hair & Yorùbá braiding styles

World Afro Day / Int’l Day of Peace


Oct 2023

Mental Colonialism Pyramid Scheme: Nigeria-UK

Nigerian Independence Day /

World Teachers Day


Nov 2023

Motherland - Nigerian Natural Resources

Africa Industrialization Day


Dec 2023

Cultural Legacy 5 - Sùǹgbọ́ Ẹrẹ́dò Storytime

Festive Season


Watch this space to see the various collaborations behind the scenes working to bring this knowledge stream to life!

YNAD Talks 3 - Ìyá Nàìjá: Transformative Women of Nigeria | NTU Events | Eventbrite

This International Women's Day prelude is the third of Yorùbá-Nigerian writer, poet and lecturer Abíọ́dún Ọlátòkunbọ̀ Abdul’s lecture series focusing on cultural and social themes related to Yorùbá/Nigeria/Africa/Diaspora: YNAD Talks.

Being the most populous Black country in the world, Nigeria boasts many transformative women who, as leaders, originators and entrepreneurs, have compelled recognition through their society-shifting achievements reverberating beyond West African shores, leaving inspiration in their wake. 

This YNAD Talk celebrates six such Ìyá Nàìjá (Mothers of Nigeria) including:

1. Artist Níkẹ Okundaye: Her renowned skills for making Yorùbá àdirẹ fabrics were quickly recognised across Nigeria and further afield. Now the world-famous creative has the biggest art gallery in Africa, showcasing Yorùbá culture and beauty.

2. Businesswoman Fọ́lọ́runshọ́ Alákijà: This captain of industry built her business empire in real estate, printing and fashion. Overcoming great odds to reach billionaire status in a male-dominated field, her commercial interests continue to expand.

3. Economist Ngozi Okonjo Iweala: This is a woman of historical firsts (a) serving two terms as Nigeria’s Finance Minister (b) becoming Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). All the while, she proudly wears vibrant Nigerian fabrics whilst wearing vibrant intelligence on her sleeve.

4. Sculptor Elizabeth Olówu: This trailblazing craftswoman is Nigeria’s first female bronze caster, continuing in the tradition of the world-famous Benin Bronzes. Her royal lineage feeds into these cultural treasures archiving Yorùbá history and information in solid form, whilst also exploring modern and feminist themes.

5. Doctor Ameyo Adadevoh: A heroine in the truest sense, this healthcare professional correctly diagnosed an Ebola patient, then worked tirelessly to avoid an outbreak. Her diligence cost her life but saved hundreds of thousands in Èkó (Lagos) and across Nigeria. Ẹ́ kú iṣẹ́ Ma.

6. Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Our generation’s most powerful African literary voice, her books are a conduit exposing everyday Nigerian lives to the world. Her words humanise our communities and assert we should all be feminists, with Beyoncé in firm agreement!

Refreshments will be served.

Presenter: Abíọ́dún ‘Abbey’ Ọlátòkunbọ̀ Abdul

Date:        Monday 27th February 2023

Time:        6pm arrival, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Online:     Teams joining link

Price:       free

Host:        NTU Global Week Festival

Contact:   NTU Global Lounge Team

Email:      ntugloballounge@ntu.ac.uk

More Info: shorturl.at/cjxE8

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