Sunday 19 June 2022

Identity: Global Roots

‘You’re one is a million’, a special stat.,

though one in 8 billion more pivotal than that.

Each human perspective, all quite unique,

but more vantage lies from airborne peaks.

With privileged travel, I was blessed to see

through childhood’s eye, continents-a-three.

Onto African, European and Asian marks

my young life journey did oddly embark

Yorùbá-Nigerian, surface to core,

vibrant clothes and spice galore.

Zuma Rock with crimson sun-kissed clay

governs over Abùjá each passing day.

From northern desert to southern green,

Palace of Zaria to Great Walls of Benin,

See how Saro-Wiwa’s passion roused and stirred,

Hear sweet Fela Kuti’s music and Chimamanda’s words,

With assiduous spirits and bookish minds,

Nigerians are truly one of a kind

The British Isles, my place of birth.

Snowy winters, my first glimpse of Earth.

My northern school, ease did inspire

with diversity from across past empire

But street lessons differed from class

with many a racist laddie and lass.

To combat the ignorance I truly abhorred

Addai-Sebo & Bellos brought Black history to these shores

Still, ‘Why come to this forsaken land?’,

looped in my mind for hours at hand.

Japan, land where I regained the sun.

With chopsticks and manga, I did have fun.

Kimonos and green tea filled the air,

earthquakes and Godzilla aroused slight fear

I marvelled at beautiful narrow eyes

My wide ovals’ equal praise, quite a surprise!

deftly shy, yet defiantly daring

mixed with Kuroyanagi and Takato’s caring

In this friendly eastern community

Again, I embraced humanity.

Here I stand in the faithful present

Surveying my international development

With learnings both glowing and dull in tone

I advanced along these world steppingstones

Through many twists and varied turns

Body, mind and soul were both nourished and burned

Still, with all weighed up, it's clear to see

abiding love bonds our global family.

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